My Projects

Self-Service portal for customers with microservice architecture

Creation of a web-based self-service portal for customers in .NET with
microservice architecture to provide contract, billing, base data and support request

  • .NET 6 backend and frontend development
  • CI pipeline with containerized application in Gitlab
  • Deployment with helm charts and Octopus Deploy

Distributed monolith to a microservice architecture

Stabilize and rewrite a distributed monolith .NET application to a microservice
application with new build and deployment tools, rethink toolset and replace if needed.

  • Support .NET developer to rewrite the containerized application, create container
    base images for offline builds, share knowledge about docker in team
  • Build pipeline with containerized application in TeamCity based on GitFlow
  • Deployment with helm charts, docker-compose and ansible
  • Support it-operations and infrastructure teams, give training for managing and
    installation of the new application

C# .NET Software developer

Maintenance and Support a .NET application

  • .NET Software development (feature implementation, bugfixes)
  • Support application admin team – also with 24/7 on call service
  • Configure build pipelines, software testing, Kubernetes deployments

C# Xamarin Android and iOS APP

Development of a cross platform shopping app which uses a OXID eSales Shop as

  • .NET Software development with Xamarin (including frontend for iOS and Android)
  • APP publishment in Google Playstore and Apple APP Store